The future is now!

That is our main focus at GPS Futura. We master state-of-the-art glass techniques that make it possible to create a real safe environment and, or to improve the climate inside your office or home. And with our latest innovation we even master the art of generating cost-effective energy derived directly from daylight. Can you imagine, crystal clear, bright and transparent glass that produces energy, the applications and possibilities are beyond believe!

In addition to the areas of safety and durability,GPS Futura is also actively involved in large tailor-made glass-construction projects. The people active at GPS Futura have years and years of proven knowledge, knowhow and experience in the application of their products and services. 

All these services and product solutions are merged withint GPS, allowing a wide range of applications for both the professional, business as well as the private market.

Please get acquainted with GPS Futura, because the future, started today !